Victoria and Dumitru

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Victoria and Dumitru


On October 13, 2021 we celebrated our 11th anniversary together, my husband’s 30th birthday, and our 3rd year of infertility. We started to actively try in October 2018 and bought a house in May 2019 hoping to fill it with children. After a year passed, we were very confused that we are not pregnant yet and decided to consult a doctor.

Unfortunately, we were told that if we had been together for such a long time and still not pregnant, then there should be an issue, so after all kinds of tests our diagnosis was Unexplained Infertility. We tried Clomid and IUI, but still no success, so we decided that it is time for IVF. We never expected it to be so expensive.

We cannot express how grateful we are for this grant, for this opportunity. We are so hopeful that this will work out. After so many years together, all we want is to become parents, and because of this grant we are closer than ever to our biggest dream. Thank you!

Victoria and Dumitru are recipients of a donated IVF cycle from our Partner Practice, Advanced IVF Institute.

When we found out that the next step was IVF, we thought our dreams were shattered