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Tracey and John

Tracey and John have always known they wanted a family, and unfortunately like many others, just assumed it would happen. They finally made the decision to see a reproductive endocrinologist in 2012 and began their infertility journey with Dr. Kevin Lederer at Fertility Centers of Illinois.

Tracey was diagnosed with PCOS, and began treatment with IUI. This was unsuccessful and she and John took a break from treatment. When they were ready to return to treatment in 2014, they had learned the devastating news of Dr. Lederer. Tracey and John returned to FCI treatment and subsequently forged a special bond with Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron in the Tinley Park office.

When their first IVF cycle was unsuccessful and they faced financial barriers to trying again, it was Dr. Hirshfeld-Cytron who encouraged them to apply for a Life Grant.

John’s sister wrote an incredible personal statement in support of their application and they are the recipients of the IVF Life Grant from Partner Practice Fertility Centers of Illinois. Tracey and John started IVF in early 2018, and welcomed Eleanor Marie Papach on August 29th! Eleanor arrived earlier than expected, but she is doing great!

When their first IVF cycle was unsuccessful, they faced financial barriers to trying again.

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