Sarah and Sean

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Sarah and Sean


Sean and I got married 9--almost 10--years ago. We always knew that we wanted to start a family, the only question that came up was when. We started trying about six months into our marriage, hoping for a child. When nothing was happening, the frustration began to grow. We watched family members and friends begin to have children with no problems and we began to discuss our options.

Being adopted myself, that has always been an option, but for years, it has been my dream to carry my own child. So, after a long time of trying and discussing, we decided to start to try and find out why we haven’t been able to conceive and take the steps toward our dream of starting our family.

We could not be more grateful for this grant. It has been a bright light in a very difficult and heartbreaking year. We are more than ready to hopefully bring a child into this world.

Sarah and Sean are recipients of a Family Building Financial Grant.

When we found out that the next step was IVF, we thought our dreams were shattered