Sam and Phil

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Sam and Phil

We have been together for 20 life-changing years, delighted to be married for 17 of them and aching to build our family for the last 12 to share our love of children, family and traditions.

Unfortunately, our path to parenthood has not been one without strife. Time after time we were wrought with unforeseen family obligations, simultaneously coupled with damaging news of infertility, resulting in financial hardship, emotional tolls and unimaginable strain inhibiting us from realizing our dream of becoming parents.

As we have been standing together, hand in hand, overcoming these many unanticipated obstacles, ultimately spending an inordinate sum of money out-of-pocket to unsuccessfully navigate our fertility journey, we thought we had reached the end without a way to proceed financially. However, we have never lost sight of the opportunity to build a family by exploring all options.

Our hope stems from growing up with traditional upbringings influencing us that we should be able to achieve the opportunity to share l'dor vador (from generation to generation). Passing down the traditions of compassion, generosity, important lessons, love and joy (nachas) from those that came before us.

We have never lost hope! We are eternally grateful to our fertility specialist for paving the way to apply for an extremely generous grant.

We were overjoyed to learn that we are recipients of a grant. This will allow us to unpause our journey and take the necessary steps we wouldn't be accomplishing otherwise. This is the brightest light on our dark journey.

Sam and Phil are recipients of the Path to Parenthood Grant from the Jewish United Fund - Chicago.

When we found out that the next step was IVF, we thought our dreams were shattered