Rachel and Tyler

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Rachel and Tyler


Hello! We are Rachel and Tyler. We met in 9th grade algebra class, and although sparks didn’t fly then, we remained in contact after high school and were married in 2007. Rachel is a Licensed Social Worker and works in child welfare. Tyler has been in the US Army for 13 years, a career that has taken us to Virginia, North Carolina, Germany, Texas, and now Indiana.

When Tyler returned from Afghanistan in 2013, we began to seriously focus on starting a family. As time passed by without any pregnancy, we sought advice from doctors who advised that IVF would be our best option. Without insurance coverage for IVF we tried different interventions that were more affordable to us such as medications and IUI. Unfortunately none of these worked, and financially we were unable to pursue IVF treatment.

After our last failed IUI in November 2018, we decided to start looking for ways to fund our dream of pursuing IVF. This led us to apply for the Life Grant the following spring. To say we were shocked when we were notified that we were selected for this precious gift would be an understatement!

Although our journey to this point feels very long, it also feels like a new beginning thanks to the generosity of the Life Grant. We feel that we are more than ready to become parents, and it is our greatest desire to do so. Thank you Life Grant for giving us a chance at achieving our dreams!

Rachel and Tyler are recipients of a Family Building Financial Grant. They welcomed a baby boy, Tristan, in June 2020.

When we found out that the next step was IVF, we thought our dreams were shattered