Michelle and Erik

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Michelle and Erik

Michelle is an English as a Second Language teacher at a high poverty, urban middle school and Erik is trained as a welder.

“We have loved each other nearly half our lives and have many more years together. As with any solid relationship, we are a work in progress. In 2015, we quietly began the journey to add a child to our family." They began their IVF cycle in the fall of 2017, “but the outcome was not what we were hoping for. Fortunately, we were able to succesfully transfer a remaining frozen embryo, and we can’t wait to meet our baby in October 2019!”

"Thank you for everything you and the Coalition do! We wouldn’t be able to pursue this journey with hope in our hearts if it weren’t for your support and the generosity of individuals and clinicians.”

Michelle and Erik received a donated IVF cycle from our Partner Practice, Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago. In 2019, they welcomed their daughter, Amelia, to the world!

We have remaining frozen embryos and we look forward to using these in a future transfer cycle.

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