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Mary Rose and Luke

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Mary Rose and Luke

Mary Rose and Luke are Indiana residents who were the recipients of a $10,000 Life Grant.

“My husband Luke and I are so thrilled to announce that the embryo transfer funded by our 2017 Life Grant was successful, and we are now the proud parents of Lawrence Mark Norell, born on May 12, 2018!"

"Our four-year journey towards IVF included going to multiple doctors and clinics before we found the right fit for us. We didn’t have any clear reasons for not getting pregnant, and weren’t planning to go the IVF route for many reasons, including financial ones, but we ended up being guided in that direction by the grace of God."

"We finally were faced with the reality of trying IVF, and we approached it with much prayer–and we are so grateful to have been blessed with a successful retrieval and transfer on the first tries."

"In the midst of deciding to go for IVF, we took the opportunity to apply for a Life Grant."

“We felt such amazing kindness shown to us by all the Life Foundation committee members and the other participants when we met them in September 2017 at the Run for Life. What a true blessing, to be loved and cheered on by complete strangers! We were thankful we could take part in the Run for Life that day, and are so impressed with the foundation and the amazing work they are doing to help build families."

"Thank you so much, to all who have labored in this foundation and made it possible for us to start our own family. We are so excited to parents, it’s kind of hard to believe!”

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