Kimya and Darryl

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Kimya and Darryl


Growing up, I was the oldest grandchild in our home. I grew up in a big family home—grandparents, mother, aunt, uncle, and cousins. I am my mother's only child. At one my point, my aunt and cousins moved away and that moment I knew I would have more than one child. My mom passed away in 2004 to cervical cancer; I was 13. I am now 31 and this has by far been the most trying thing in my life to work through, but I am getting through life just fine.

In 2011, I met my now husband in college. We’ve been together ever since, married now for three years. He didn’t want more children after already having his two boys. He reconsidered and we have been trying for the past four years. I have experienced a few miscarriages. Going through infertility has wreaked havoc on my mental health and for a while I was scared to go through the journey of IVF.

I’ve been able to experience the joy of being a bonus mom to two awesome boys. They have taught me a lot and gave me a love I never thought I would have. I always knew I wanted children. I know I have so much to teach them and instill in them. I have a legacy I’m leaving, and I want my children to live in my legacy and create their own. There’s nothing like having your own child and their unconditional love.

Gladly, Dr. Hirschfield-Cytron at Fertility Centers of Illinois without hesitation recommended this grant that we have received. Through Chicago Coalition for Family Building, we have the chance to start my first cycle without the worries of finances and hopefully we will have a successful cycle.

Kimya and Darryl are recipients of a donated IVF cycle from our Partner Practice, Reproductive Medicine Institute.

In 2024, Kimya and Darrel welcomed their beautiful baby girl into the world! 


When we found out that the next step was IVF, we thought our dreams were shattered