Kayla and Evan

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Kayla and Evan


Kayla and Evan started their journey to create a family in October 2018. Soon after, Kayla had to get surgery to remove ovarian cysts. During the surgery, it was confirmed that Kayla has endometriosis throughout her abdomen. Although it can be more difficult to get pregnant, they decided to keep trying naturally.

The dream of having their own child felt like it was out of reach with every negative pregnancy test. Seeing other people’s pregnancy announcements on social media was getting harder and harder emotionally. All they dream about is raising their own child into their crazy, fun family. After two years of trying, they decided to go to a fertility doctor.

Going into the testing process they assumed the problem was going to Kayla. Boy, were they surprised when they found out both of them had fertility issues. They were told their only chance to get pregnant was through IVF. They got their finances in order by paying off their debt and started to save for IVF. Saving that much would take them at least two years.

With the grace of God they were blessed with the Chicago Coalition for Family Building's grant and will get the chance to start their family. Thank you Chicago Coalition of Family Building.

Kayla and Evan are recipients of a donated IVF cycle from Advanced Reproductive Center.

When we found out that the next step was IVF, we thought our dreams were shattered

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