Katie and Robert

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Katie and Robert


Bobby and I had a plan when we got married. Since we got married just over a year after meeting each other, we thought waiting for our third anniversary would be a good idea. That gave us three years to get to know each other as a married couple, get a bigger house, save some money, and travel. Before our third anniversary, I stopped taking birth control and started trying for a baby. As the months, and now years, have passed by we knew that we were going to need help getting pregnant. Both of us have been quite discouraged at times, but have remained hopeful. My sister had a baby, which is bittersweet for us. My husband and I love that little girl more than anything, but she also reminds us of what we are trying so hard to have.

We have been seeing a fertility specialist for the past year, which is where we learned about this foundation and grant. I applied for it, never believing in a million years that we would get it. Neither of our insurance policies pays for any sort of fertility related things: lab work, medications, or procedures. After three failed rounds of Clomid and at-home IUI devices, IVF seemed like it was going to be in our near future. We had no idea how and if we could afford IVF. With the help of the Life Foundation, we are now able to get to that next step of trying to have our little miracle. We appreciate this opportunity more than you know.

Katie and John are recipients of a donated IVF cycle from our Partner Practice, the Advanced IVF Institute.

When we found out that the next step was IVF, we thought our dreams were shattered