Family Stories

Jessica and Rob


The path to having a second child has been more of an adventure than we expected. We tried on our own and with IUI, then found out we are both carriers for a genetic disease. After several rounds of IVF, we have been through a lot of the emotional and physical work that accompanies painful loss. None of this was covered by insurance (except the therapy!) and we thought we had reached our limit – both emotionally and financially. After 3 years, we are so grateful for this grant and an anonymous egg donor which we hope will take the rest of the way toward completing our family. Having the support of our families, JUF, and the Chicago Coalition for Family Building has lifted our spirits and strengthened our resolve. We are filled with gratitude and much needed optimism.

Jessica and Rob are recipients of the JUF Path to Parenthood Grant from the Jewish United Fund – Chicago and delivered a healthy baby in 2022.