Family Stories

Jessica and Matias

2023 Grantee couple on vacation

We welcomed our son in June 2020 and he is truly our miracle baby. After suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss and multiple rounds of IVF, we were so excited to be pregnant with our rainbow baby.

When the pandemic hit in March, we thought that would be the craziest thing to happen during our pregnancy. But, at 30 weeks pregnant, Jess’ water broke and she gave birth to our son five days later.

The first six weeks of our son’s life had to be spent in the NICU but we are so lucky he didn’t have any major complications and we were both able to visit with him every day, despite being in the height of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, we found out that Jess’ complications from our son’s birth made it too dangerous for both a baby and her if she were to carry again, so we’ve decided to pursue surrogacy as the best option to grow our family.

Jess and Matias are recipients of the Path to Parenthood Grant from the Jewish United Fund – Chicago.