Jena and Molly

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Jena and Molly


Our journey together began in 2016 when we met through a dating app. It didn’t take us long to meet in person and we quickly became friends. After just being friends for several months, we stopped fighting the inevitable and began dating in 2017. Like most couples, we began discussing our future, and thankfully we both envisioned a future involving children. We eventually started fantasizing about the life we would have one day as a family, and even began tossing around baby names. When we married in 2018, we could not wait to take the first steps towards making our dream of having children a reality.

We scheduled our first appointment with Dr. Ahmad at the Fertility Centers of Illinois in September of 2019. After all of the required testing, we did our first IUI cycle in March of 2020. The first IUI was unsuccessful and although we were disappointed, we were ready to try again. Our second cycle was delayed due to the COVID shutdown, but we eventually were able to try in June, unfortunately with no success. We went through our third cycle of IUI in September of 2021. After the dreaded two-week wait, our test day just so happened to fall on our two-year wedding anniversary, and we were celebrating in the happiest place on earth, Disney World. We were overcome with joy as we saw the word “pregnant” for the first time since beginning our journey. A week later we discovered what a chemical pregnancy was, and we were completely heartbroken.

After months of emotional recovery, we tried again in March of 2021 just to be disappointed again. With little options left, we chose to pursue IVF despite the financial barrier. Thus far, even with insurance, we have had no fertility coverage to assist us on our journey to becoming parents and have had to pay for most of our fertility bills with our own savings. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to receive this grant. With the help of the Chicago Coalition for Family Building we are finally able to try again to grow our family.

Jena and Molly are recipients of the Kevin J. Lederer Memorial Grant and received a donated cycle from our Partner Practice, Fertility Centers of Illinois. In September 2022, they welcomed their son, Sawyer!

When we found out that the next step was IVF, we thought our dreams were shattered