Family Stories

Jenna and Eugene: Navigating Genetic Challenges with Unwavering Support


Eugene and I (Jenna) met online in 2015 and have been inseparable ever since. We share a love for family, food, travel, and our dog, Maddie. 

We completed comprehensive genetic testing in 2023 and learned we are both carriers for the same genetic disorder. This news was quite a surprise to both of us, as well as our families. After meeting with both a genetic counselor and a fertility specialist, we have been advised to go through the IVF process so that our embryos can be tested utilizing PGT-M prior to implantation. This will allow us to ensure that our child does not inherit the genetic disease that we both carry. 

The Grant will be immensely helpful in our journey, particularly because our health insurance plan excludes any fertility treatment. We are grateful to have been considered and chosen for this grant and are hopeful that our family will grow very soon.

Eugene and Jenna are recipients of the Path to Parenthood Grant from the Jewish United Fund – Chicago.