Erica and Dennis

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Erica and Dennis


We started trying before our wedding in Jan 2014 and after about 6 months with no success we knew it was probably time to see a specialist.

With our dual diagnoses of diminished ovarian reserve and male factor, we jumped straight to IVF. After five IVF cycles with three different reproductive endocrinologists, eight embryos transferred, and no success, the idea of donor eggs was brought to the forefront. Because of a donor egg cycle, I became pregnant for the first time ever; however, it sadly ended in a miscarriage. Now with no more embryos, tapped out financially, and broken hearts once again, we decided to try another path to parenthood through embryo adoption.

Through the support of the infertility community, we matched privately through social media with an amazing couple and now have 10 snowflakes waiting for us at FCI.

Infertility is very exhausting mentally, emotionally, physically, over consuming, and not to mention EXTREMELY expensive. We were beyond ecstatic and blessed after learning that we were one of the lucky recipients of a grant from the Life Foundation.

We are not ready to give up on our plans to become parents and hope someday soon, we will have a little one to share all of our love with.

Erica and Dennis are recipients of a financial Family Planning Grant. They welcomed twin boys, Bennett and Carter, into their lives in April 2020.

When we found out that the next step was IVF, we thought our dreams were shattered

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