Family Stories

Dorothy and Chris

Picture of 2023 Grantee couple

Our love story began as a long-distance relationship. We met online eight years ago; we lived in two different states but met for our first date in a mutual city and the rest is history. We continued our relationship living states away and seeing each other when time permitted. Months into dating, I was picked up to go on Active Duty for the Army Reserve and moved to California, leaving Chris behind in Louisiana. He helped me plan my entire cross country road trip and finding a new place to live while being geographically disparate. I thought to myself, ‘this guy’s a keeper.’ Though I left, our love, and long-distance relationship continued, and we flew to see each other as often as possible.

On one of my visits to visit Chris back home in Louisiana, he asked me if  I wanted to marry him, and declared he didn’t want to do long distance anymore. Of course, I said, “yes.” We married the next month and uprooted Chris’ life in Louisiana to join me in California where our life as newlyweds really evolved. Since then, we have moved to Germany and now Chicago while Chris journeys with me in support of my career.

We have been together eight years and have lived a fulfilled life, but the opportunity to be parents has yet to be satisfied. We thought at some point and when the time was right, it would simply happen. That has not been our case as we have infertility issues that have presented itself and are learning more about what we and others struggle with. It is our dream to be parents and to pour the love for one another into a blessing of our own. We love being an aunt and uncle to our nieces and nephews and showering our friend’s children in love and support. We have been told multiple times we’d make phenomenal parents, and we simply would like the biggest blessing in life of procreation to come true for us. We have an overwhelming amount of support and prayer warriors rooting for us. We are extremely grateful and humbled that the Chicago Coalition for Family Building and sponsors have afforded us this opportunity!

Dorothy and Christopher are the recipients of a donated IVF cycle from our Partner Practice, InVia Fertility.