David and Matt

Family Stories

David and Matt


Our family journey began in January 2018 when we were introduced by text from a mutual friend. We knew from early on we were a great fit for one another and were engaged six months after those first texts were exchanged. We compliment each other with our differences, and are united by our shared beliefs and goals. Together, we enjoy spending time as a family (outdoors as much as possible), with friends, and volunteering in our community.

Having grown up deeply closeted due to conservative, religious upbringings, we never thought we would be able to find the kind of love and joy we've experienced together—much less have a family together! After years of working through accepting ourselves, coming out, and fully living our true and authentic lives, here we are… and we are so grateful.

We have two beautiful daughters from Matt's first marriage and are excited to embark on the journey of expanding our family by bringing a child into the world—together, for the first time! We are grateful for this exceptionally generous grant from the Chicago Coalition for Family Building, which will help alleviate the many costs associated with this process, and ultimately help us achieve our dream of adding a son or daughter to our family together.

David and Matt are recipients of a Family Building Financial Grant and welcomed their daughter Ellie in October 2021.

When we found out that the next step was IVF, we thought our dreams were shattered