Christine and Tom Fuller

Christine and Brett

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Christine and Brett

“I have always wanted five children. Five – not four, not six, but five. We learned that without medical intervention, that number would likely be zero."

Christine and Tom Fuller

Christine and Brett tried for years to have a child before learning they would need IVF to help them make that dream a reality. But like many patients, they were stopped cold by the financial roadblock.

“Without being covered by insurance – infertility is not a required benefit of providers in Indiana – how will we find the money to expand our family? Without selling our home and uprooting our lives, where would we turn? Our doctor recommended reaching out the Coalition as a potential saving grace.”

Christine and Brett received a donated IVF cycle from our Partner Practice, SIRM-Central Illinois in Peoria, IL.

Their daughter Edaline (Eddy) Margaret Fuller was born November, 2017. And five years later, from that very same cycle, they welcomed twins, Abigail and Brynn!

There are no words that can express how grateful we are to everyone working there. You are literally doing life changing work, and I know she wouldn't be here without you. God bless all of you.

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