Family Stories

Brianna and Brandon

2023 Grantee couple

Bri underwent testing at 16 years old due to Unexplained Amenorrhoea. Following a blood analysis, she was referred to a reproductive endocrinologist where she was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) and Osteopenia in her spine as a result. It was then she learned she would need to use donated eggs to have children one day. Since her diagnosis, Bri has participated in various hormone replacement therapies in an attempt to manage symptoms related to low estrogen levels.

Bri and Brandon met during undergrad. Their relationship progressed quickly and they made the transition to Chicago where Bri attended graduate school to be a school psychologist. During her time in graduate school she co-led a research team dedicated to evaluating sex education programs for children, partly inspired by her journey with POF. They married shortly after Bri completed her program.

Bri then completed fertility testing again and it was determined that her hormone levels fell within the post menopausal range. It became more important than ever for them to work with her primary care provider to best manage Bri’s overall health, physical implications, as well as anxiety, all commonly associated with POF.

Bri and Brandon started the process to obtain donated eggs after exploring various family building options. However, the financial burden of egg bank and donor costs has paused their journey. With the CCFB grant they are able to get the process moving again. Even more exciting is the high likelihood they will be able to have two children in the future using a donated egg lot!

Bri and Brandon plan to continue to have candid conversations with others about their journey in an effort to break down stigmas and to create safe spaces for all experiencing infertility. Bri and Brandon are eternally grateful for this gift and CCFB who gave them the opportunity to become parents.

Bri and Brandon are recipients of a Family Building Financial Grant.