Family Stories

Becki and Ricky


Our journey together began in 2006, while in high school.  We were two teenagers who fell in love and dreamt about having a large family.  It has been our dream since we were kids ourselves.  After many years of dating, we were married in 2016 and have been blessed with two children.  Being parents is our greatest blessing.

A few months after our second child was born, my husband found out that he is a carrier for the BRCA mutation and we learned how that mutation could affect our future children.  Although we were devastated that we did not have this information prior to having our two children, we are grateful to have this knowledge now and be able to avoid passing on the gene mutation to our future child.  Our dream as teenagers of having a large family with three children remains, even though it may not be exactly how we envisioned with our unexpected hurdle.

We are so grateful to the Coalition for Family Building for helping to complete our family and breaking the cycle of the BRCA gene mutation that has affected our family for generations.

Becki and Ricky are recipients of a Magnolia Tree Foundation Grant and in May 2023 welcomed a healthy baby girl!