Ann and Harry

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Ann and Harry

We have been together six years, married in 2015 and started trying in November 2014 after we got engaged. We had a dream wedding, bought our dream house and now we want to do everything possible for our next dream: create a life. After a few years of trying, we decided to do preliminary testing with a reproductive endocrinologist.

IVF was needed to conceive.

Harry and I were so excited when we found out our miracle baby would be arriving in summer 2018! We knew we would not be at this point of our journey without the Coalition Grant, our physician Dr. Sigal Klipstein and InVia Fertility in Hoffman Estates, IL.

"We are forever grateful to you, your team and everybody at the Coalition for helping us bring Brielle into the world in June 2018!”

Ann and Harry are recipients of a donated IVF cycle from our Partner Practice, InVia Fertility.

We never would have gotten here without the Life Grant we received from the Foundation, our physician Dr. Sigal Klipstein and Partner Practice, InVia Fertility in Hoffman Estates, IL.

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